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Wisteria Sinesis 5 Seeds- Beautiful, Fragrant Climber

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Wisteria Sinesis 5 Seeds- Beautiful, Fragrant Climber

Wisteria 5 Viable Seeds - Beautiful Climber

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Wisterias are beautiful deciduous climbers with lovely fragrance and spectacular hanging flowers.

Few plants in the garden are as awesome-looking as a large wisteria blanketed by a waterfall of cascading colour. Related to the pea family, wisteria are hardy, vigorous twining vines for gardens or house walls which receive a lot of summer sunshine.

Site Requirements
Their vigour demands a location that will provide as much bright sunlight as possible in deep soil for their extensive roots. They will adapt to most soils, but prefer those which are slightly acidic, that can retain their nutrients and which do not drown their roots every winter.
Moving your wisteria?
Best not to, with their extensive root system wisterias do not transplant well if they have been planted for more than two years following purchase. If you must, then excavate as big a root ball as you can lift. If you have prepared the hole as recommended above this shouldn't be too difficult, but if possible it would be better to plant another wisteria in your new location.
Allow to soak for at least 24 hours.
After your seeds have soaked, remove them from the water. Fill a pot or seed starting flat with a high quality seedling compost (a high quality potting soil will work as well.) Sprinkle the seeds onto the compost and then cover with a light layer. Using a spray bottle, mist the top of the soil.
Place your newly planted seeds in a cold frame, greenhouse or even just a windowsill with ample sunlight exposure. Keep the soil misted, but not overly saturated. Your seeds will sprout in a few days to weeks.
Once the seeds have germinated and sprouted, you can separate them into their own pots. Keep the soil moist until you are ready to plant them in the ground. Most Wisteria prefers a good fertile soil and full sun, though they are highly adaptable to other conditions as well.

We are working only with trusted suppliers to offer you the best quality seeds Our seeds are freshly packed and shipped in jiffy bags Germination instruction included THERE IS NO POSTAGE CHARGE FOR ADDITIONAL PACKETS OF SEEDS PURCHASED AT THE SAME TIME. BUY AS MANY SEED PACKETS AS YOU LIKE AND PAY POSTAGE ONLY ONCE! SO MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR OTHER SEEDS.
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