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Water Lily Seeds & Lotus Seeds Collection - 10 Varieties&100 seeds!

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Water Lily Seeds & Lotus Seeds Collection - 10 Varieties&100 seeds!

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Real treat for all the water lilies/lotus lovers. Why buy 1 variety if you can have 10 of them. Surprise yourself and others with different colours and sizes.
Beautiful water lily ponds containing water lilies once seen are never totally forgotten. And everyone at some stage or another has seen Monet's water lilies even though they are on canvas. Water lilies are without doubt the most beautiful aquatic plants and are a must for every sunny water garden. But they need not only be used in ponds. Innovative gardeners with small gardens and sunny courtyards can enjoy them too, as they can be successfully grown in a variety of water-filled pottery containers, wooden barrels, old kitchen sinks and water features. This beautiful tropical plant is an excellent bloomer, which can produce six or seven blooms at a time! It is also extremely prolific.

You will receive 9 packets of different water lilies varieties plus 1 pkt of 10 lotus mixed colour seeds, each packed separately that you know which one is which. In total you will receive over 100 Seeds.
Varieties (colours) you may receive:
10 x red water lily
10 x blue water lily
10 x yellow water lily
10 x white day water lily
10 x egypt lotus water lily (shade of blue)
10 x purple water lily
10 x pink day water lily
10 x pink night water lily
10 x white night water lily
10 x light pink water lily
10 x Lotus Seeds (mixed colours)
Sowing tips:
The seeds can be sprouted in warm water and potted individually, but others prefer to plant them before they sprout. The number of seeds determines the container size, everything from small pots to dish pans to small ponds. Put a layer of any good growing medium in the bottom, add water to the brim, level and compact the soil once it has settled from filling with water. Then distribute the seeds as evenly as possible over the soil and drizzle a thin layer of white sand, through the water, over the seeds. This helps to anchor them and to see them as they sprout. Adding water after putting the seeds are put in can dislodge them, as can placing the container in a pond, so do it carefully.
When the seedlings have made several floating leaves in smaller containers, carefully dig them up and pot them individually. In small ponds designed for seedlings, let the plants grow to blooming stage and then remove them, either to propagate or discard, making more space for still developing seedlings. Germination can take longer. Be patient!

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