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Waratah Fresh 5 Seeds- Frost Hardy, Big Blooms, Original

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Waratah Fresh 5 Seeds- Frost Hardy, Big Blooms, Original

Waratah - 5 Viable Seeds

This magnificent tree is the state flower of New South Wales, the site of the 2000 Olympic Games. Growing to about 3 metres in height and 1.5 metres in width it is an erect shrub with stiff wedge-shaped dark green leaves terminating in bright crimson florets up to 15 cm across and surrounded by smooth red bracts. It lives in cold to semi-tropical climates and is frost resistant. It is recommended that it should be planted in dappled sunlight facing the morning sun. It prefers well drained soil.

Waratah flowers in the spring and a good bush can produce up to 100 blooms during its season. The flowers are sought after commercially as a high quality cut flower. Large quantities of nectar are produced when flowering and the plant is a favourite with all nectar seeking birds.
Sow the seeds thinly (1.5 cm between seeds) onto trays filled with a coarse, well drained sterile medium such as perlite. Cover the seeds with about 5 mm of medium. Drench the trays with a general purpose fungicide. Transplant the seedlings either at emergence (2.5 to 4 weeks) or wait until at least 6-8 leaves have expanded as the young seedlings are easily damaged. Transplant them into 5 cm tubes. A suitable medium for the tubes is a mixture of one-third peat and two thirds coarse sand or perlite

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