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Venus Fly Trap Fresh 5 Seeds- Unique plant!

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Venus Fly Trap Fresh Seeds- Unique plant!

Venus Flytrap - 5 VIable Seeds VENUS flytrap snaps shut faster than you can blink. This amazing plant is native to a small region in the Carolinas . Insects are trapped and digested by the plant to obtain nutrients; they are carnivorous plants. There are six small trigger hairs inside each trap. One hair touched twice, or two hairs touched once, signals the trap to snap shut. Empty traps reopen in a day or so.
Traps with prey remain closed for a week or two. Then, the trap will reopen exposing the dry shell of the victim. Flytraps do not need regular feeding and can go long periods without insects.
Germinating the seeds is relatively easy.
Fill peat pots or seed trays with moist peat moss. Sow the seeds on the surface of the peat moss and mist with tepid water. Cover with plastic wrap or cover with a plastic dome to increase humidity and to hold in warmth.
Place near a sunny window. Monitor closely that the soil does not overheat. The ideal temperature for germinating Venus flytrap is 70 to 85 degrees F. Open the plastic to increase air circulation and to adjust the temperature if they become overheated in the hot afternoon sun. Provide as much sun as possible.
Keep soil evenly moist until seedlings emerge in two to four weeks. Some may take up to two months to germinate.
Provide good air circulation by partially opening the plastic once seedlings have emerged.
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