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Trident Maple Small Leaf Seeds- Excellent Bonsai, Rare

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Trident Maple Small Leaf Seeds- Excellent Bonsai, Rare

Trident Maple Small Leaf- 10 Viable Seeds

This Trident Maple has very small leaves. You will not find a many trident maples with leaves as small as this.
Acer buergeranum or Trident Maple is often used with tremendous success as a Bonsai. Quick to grow and develop roots, the Trident Maple is also quick to develop a thick trunk early in it's maturity
This deciduous, tree has beautiful wide, tri-lobed leaves, glossy green above and paler underneath, which turn various shades of red, orange, and yellow in autumn. Flowers are bright yellow and showy in the spring. Trident Maple naturally exhibits low spreading growth and multiple stems but can be trained to a single trunk and pruned to make it branch higher, allowing passage below its broad, oval to rounded canopy. With its moderate growth rate, attractive orange-brown peeling bark, and easy maintenance, Trident Maple is highly valued as a bonsai subject.
Seed requires pre-treatment of soaking in warm water for 24 hours prior to 60-90 days cold-moist stratification. Plant the seeds in well-draining seed starter mix. Alternatively, you may plant the seeds directly into the earth at the planting site. Maintain optimal growing conditions by keeping temperatures constant and preventing them from going too low. Make sure the soil doesn't dry out or stay too wet. Trident maple seeds should germinate in about two to three months.

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