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Texas Red Yucca 5 Seeds-Hardy,Red Flowers, Specimen Plant

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Texas Red Yucca 5 Seeds-Hardy,Red Flowers, Specimen Plant

Red Texas Yucca - 5 Fresh Seeds

This pretty yucca sends up arching 4' stems of bright red flowers, a great architectural addition to any xeriscaped garden. It requires no attention, thrives in scorching sun, miserable soil and needs little water. As the plant develops, the fronds of red flowers multiply, each one blooming in succession for months. Every year you have more. Blooms April-November. Hummingbirds love this plant!
Surprisingly, this Yucca also does well in extremely cold winters, is hardy all the way up through zone 5.
Graceful and delicate, Red Yucca makes a beautiful specimen plant, especially when its fat green pods follow the red blooms up the arching stems. It does well in a container and adds texture when scattered throughout other plantings. Texas Red Yucca delivers a lot and requires almost nothing.
Yuccas grow easily from seed.
You will get the best results planting yucca seed if you scar the seed first. Scaring the seed means that you gently rub the seed with some sandpaper or a file to "scar" the seed coating.
After you do this, plant the seeds in a well draining potting mix, like a cactus mix. Plant the seeds 1 - 2 seed lengths deep in the soil. Place the plant in a sunny, warm place. Water the soil until you see seedlings in about 1 - 2 weeks. If you do not see seedlings in this time, allow the soil to dry out completely and resume watering.
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