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Tatarian Maple 'Flame'(Garden or Bonsai)-10 Fresh Seeds

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Tatarian Maple 'Flame'(Garden or Bonsai)-10 Fresh Seeds

' Flame' Tatarian Maple - Excellent for Garden or as a Bonsai - 10 seeds

Native to the cold northern regions of China and Japan, Tatarian Maple thrive where the Japanese Maple cannot. Everything about this small 'oriental' looking tree is highly ornamental - flowers, bark, foliage, and even the seeds themselves. Yellowish-white flowers appear in April to May in 2" to 3" panicles which literally cover the tree and unlike most other maples, the flowers of this species are actually fragrant . Its bark is smooth gray on young branches and somewhat textured gray on older trunks. Dense medium to dark green foliage turns to a vivid scarlet autumn colour that justifies its name of 'Flame'. Since this cultivar is usually grown from seed, color variations may accordingly occur. Leaves drop early leaving numerous and showy red, two-winged seeds or samaras which eventually turn brown and persist into late autumn or winter and make for an excellent attraction for birds which come for the free meal.

Tatarian Maples can be grown close to foundations and is a beautiful addition to the landscape. Growing to only 15-25 feet, it is an outstanding small tree that can be grown as a multiple or single stem specimen. Its spreading growth habit, along with its dense foliage, make them ideal for bonsai culture. These are very adaptable trees and grow well in full sun to partial shade. They are low maintenance and very hardy from zones 2 to 8. These are easily propagated from seed and will grow fast, maturing to a small compact size relatively quickly.
Tatarian Maple has only started to attain popularity as a bonsai. It is certain to become widely used as it is an attractive, fuss-free maple.
Lighting : Full sun, part sun, but part shade in midsummer and in very hot climates to prevent leaf burn.

Temperature : Very weather resistant - thrives in zones 3 to 8, but may be grown in somewhat hotter areas if care is taken to prevent leaf-burn or dehydration.
Watering : Moderate - increase watering during the summer heat, and keep fairly dry in winter.
Feeding: Weekly for the first month after leafing out, then every two weeks through summer. Use bonsai fertilizer or half strength plant food.
Pruning and wiring : Tatarian Maple takes well to bonsai techniques. It buds back rapidly on old wood, and thus can be cut back quite hard. Its leaves will reduce to under one inch if it is defoliated once every two years in midsummer. New shoots should be pruned through the growing season. Tatarian Maple may be wired, but like other maples, may require some protection of the bark.
Propagation: Cuttings, seed, air-layering.
Repotting: Soil tolerances include clay, loam, sand, acidic, alkaline, well-drained. Repot in early spring, before bud burst, using a fast-draining soil mix. Young trees may need to be repotted annually. Otherwise, repot every two years, but not in the same year that the tree is defoliated.
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