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Tangerine Mandarin Citrus Fruit Tree 5 Seeds

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Tangerine Mandarin Citrus Fruit Tree 5 Seeds

Tangerine Mandarin Citrus Fruit Tree 5 Seeds Click image to enlarge
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Citrus trees are some of the most popular fruit trees grown in warm winter climates.Citrus fruits are tasty, a high source of vitamin C, can be squeezed for juices, are used in cooking, make great snacks and even look great as garnishes. The trees grow from small dwarf sizes to small shade trees. They have handsome evergreen leaves and pretty white flowers that fill the air with perfume. Citrus trees are decorative and can be used in many ways in landscape design. Dwarf varieties can also be planted in small gardens as well as large pots.Use citrus trees near windows and doors, patios, balcony or wherever the sweet fragrance of citrus blossoms will permeate the air.
If you live in an area where there are no frosts, you can grow almost any of the citrus fruits. Give them full sun, rich, well-drained soil and occasional deep watering that will penetrate to the bottom of the root system.
Sowing: Citrus seeds do not need to be refrigerated before sowing, and they must not be allowed to dry out.

Then simply plant your seed into a moistened, fast draining potting medium (no dirt from the garden, thank you), inserting the seed about an inch or so into the medium. Water again to make certain that the soil has completely surrounded the seed, leaving no air pockets.
Then place the container in a warm location and be patient! I've had some seeds germinate in as little as a week's time, while others stubbornly sit there and do nothing for a month (or more).
One they germinate, you'll need to introduce them (slowly) to a bright, sunny location so that their stems become nice and stocky.

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