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Tamarillo Tree Tomato Seeds -Unique/Fast Growth/FrostOK

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Tamarillo Tree Tomato Seeds -Unique/Fast Growth/FrostOK

Tamarillo Tree Tomato Seeds -Unique/Fast Growth/FrostOK Click image to enlarge
Description Tamarillo Tree Tomato - 5 Seeds There are a small range of fruit bearing plants which grow rapidly and can produce good crops from within one or two years of planting believe it or not!
One such plant is the Tree Tomato (Cyphomandra betacea) sometimes known as Tamarillo especially by the Kiwis who have commercialised it! And yes it is related (distantly) to the vegetable tomatoes that you are used to. But don't be put off by this as the fruit are much much better!! This uniquely delicious and versatile fruit can be enjoyed in both sweet and savory preparations.
It forms a small shrubby tree with large oval leaves growing rapidly to around one and a half to two metres before branching and producing its first lot of flowers and thereafter continuing to branch as each cluster of flowers is produced. You will be amazed at the speed with which this plant grows! The plant will want to grow up to two metres tall before branching so it is best to prune it back at about one metre tall to encourage several strong branches. In early spring each year after harvest prune back the spindly branches to strong older wood to keep the tree compact and productive.
There are no serious pests or diseases but you may find that in spring fungal diseases attack some of the leaves and in warmer weather aphids feed on the leaves. These can easily be controlled and cause no long term problems. Frost Hardy up to 40-30 deg F.
This plant truly deserves a place in every home garden where rapid fruiting on a small attractive low maintenance plant is desired.
Sowing: Surface sow at 60-70 deg F. Germination 1-2 weeks .
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