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Sedum takesimense 100 Seeds, Stonecrop, Succulent Seeds

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Sedum takesimense 100 Seeds, Stonecrop, Succulent Seeds

Sedum takesimense 100 Seeds, Stonecrop, Succulent Seeds Click image to enlarge
Description beautifully variegated groundcover stonecrop. Small, serrated leaves are dark green with very wide creamy yellow margins. One of the unusual and most beautiful sedum out there. Looks brilliant when tucked in between stones, or at the edge of the border
They're low maintenance, drought-tolerant so when you germinate them they will require little care Sowing: Fill a pot or seed tray with seed starting mix. Firm the mix and water until it starts to drain out from bottom. Spread seeds over the soil mix, 1 inch apart to each other and cover them with a thin layer of soil mix again.
Cover the pot or tray with transparent plastic wrap to ensure consistent humidity, good temperature and to avoid rapid dryness of the growing medium. The plastic wrap must be removed every day for air circulation.
This species forms a low carpet of tiny spiraling green leaves, sSpreading to form a thick patch. Tiny yellow star flowers appear in summer. Images sell!
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