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Sedum Reflexum, Stonecrop- 100 Seeds

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Sedum Reflexum, Stonecrop- 100 Seeds

Sedum Reflexum - Fresh Seeds

The species Sedum, or stonecrops, are hardy perennial plants. Sedum are beautiful plants, with clumps of stems growing up from the ground and succulent, round leaves growing up the stem. They grow both low, as a ground cover, and upright. Sedum reflexum is a low-growing, blue-gray stonecrop that resembles miniature blue spruce trees, giving it the name 'Spruce-leaved stonecrop.' It has narrow stems that produce small, succulent leaves, thrives in full sun, and produces yellow blooms in mid-summer. It grows to about six inches high, and is hardy in Zones 3 to 7. In autumn it turns beautiful yellow/orange

· It is groundcover but can most definitely be kept in pots.
· It likes sun, but is known to tolerate part shade. They can actually burn if it gets too hot.
· Plant in well drained soil, it can be moist but shouldn't be wet. Water more in summer, less in fall and infrequently in winter. If you think you have killed it because you forgot to water it, try watering it still as there is a good chance it will come back up. You can also fertilize the soil, but make sure you use a succulent fertilizer or something that is nitrogen poor.
· It can winter over outside.

Sow directly into small pots.
Stand the pots in water, moisten thoroughly and drain.
Seeds should be scattered very lightly over the surface.
Sedums require light for germination. Cover seed lightly with vermiculite after sowing.
Secure a polythene bag around the pot or cover the container with glass or and place in a warm
Keep soil slightly moist but not wet.
The seeds germinate best at temperatures of 18 to 22°C (65 to 72°F). Most seedlings appear within 14 to 21 days.
When the first seeds have germinated, remove the plastic or raise the lid slightly to permit circulation of air.

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