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Sedum Dragon's Blood 50 Seeds-Creeping Spread, Intensive Colour

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Sedum Dragon's Blood Seeds-Creeping Spread, Intensive Colour

50 Seeds
RObust, Creeping and Intensive Colored Flowers.
Evergreen, mat-forming perennial with small, fleshy, red-flushed green leaves and, in summer, flat clusters of star-shaped, crimson flowers. Flowering is very dense, very often you can hardly see the leaves underneath the flowers.
Sowing: Seeds can be sown in spring or late summer and autumn at temperatures around 10 to18°C (50 to 65°F). Cold temperatures (10°C / 50°F) will increase the cultivation time. In spring the plants start to grow at 15 to 18°C (60 to 65°F).

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