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Sacred Bamboo 5 Seeds -multicoloured foliage throughout the year

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Sacred Bamboo 5 Seeds -multicoloured foliage throughout the year

Sacred Bamboo 5 Seeds -multicoloured foliage throughout the year Click image to enlarge
5 Seeds
This colorful, evergreen shrub really has it all! It features a wide array of multicolored foliage throughout the year, ranging from blue-green in the summer to gold and red, especially in the winter. And new spring growth appears on the scene with coppery tints, making this plant a gorgeous ever-changing rainbow! It's bushy, dense shape makes it ideal for a hedge or border plant but it will grow happily just about anywhere, including containers! Unlike other heavenly bamboos, it is quite compact, reaching only 3 to 4 feet tall and wide. It's a low-maintenance shrub with very few disease and pest issues.
Sowing : 1) collect FRESH seeds , peel and wash off the excess pulp 2) place some moistened vermiculite in a coffee filter and squeeze out any excess water 3) place the treated vermiculite in a zip lock bag 4 ) when the seeds are sufficiently cleaned of pulp place them in your bag of vermiculite 5) place seeds and vermiculite at 70F to 75F room temperature until germination occurs 6) check bag weekly for mold

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