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Red Trumpet Vine 10 Seeds, Campsis Radicans,Tropic-Looking

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Red Trumpet Vine 10 Seeds, Campsis Radicans,Tropic-Looking

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Red Trumpet Vine - 10 fresh Seeds

Few can resist the romantic elements of flower-draped arches or the quaint coziness of a fragrant jasmine-covered cottage. Great for hiding property that is less-than-beautiful, providing privacy, and softening the monotony of plain fencing, flowering vines are especially captivating and a perfect answer to solve many gardening problems. These creeping tendrils are perfect for gardeners regardless of experience, requiring low maintenance and little space, and often draw the attention of colorful butterflies and delightful little hummingbirds.
Enormous clusters of tropic-looking, deep red blooms which are produced at branch ends all summer long.
Trumpet Vines ( Campsis radicans) : This vine could also be known as the hummingbird vine because of its features. The flowers for this vine are a bright red hue which hummingbirds are very attracted to. Furthermore, the trumpet shape of the flower is a perfect fit for the hummingbird's long and slender beak.
Trumpet vines are great for walls, trellis, old structures on your property, and fences. They are fast growing and can reach heights of 25-40 feet. This vine will bloom for several months in the summer.
Can be allowed to run as a ground cover, too. It's an ideal way to fill your yard with delightful color and lasting fragrance! Adaptable and easy to grow. Thrives in full sun; does well in a wide range of soils. Zones 5-9.
Sowing: Sowing: Sow the seeds in moist and well drained soil. After last danger of frost.(Spring/Summer) covered lightly with the sowing mix, clean coarse sand or milled bark to stop it from blowing away. The trays should be kept moist in a warm but shaded position. Germination should occur in 3-4 weeks and the seedlings potted up after the first pair of true leaves have developed.

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