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Red Kangaroo Paw 30 Seeds- Vivid Colour

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Red Kangaroo Paw 30 Seeds- Vivid Colour

Red Kangaroo Paw- 30 Seeds

This eye-catching plant has handsome iris-like foliage from which the distinctive fuzzy ruby to rusty red flowers to some two metres from Spring to Autumn.Suitable to a wide range of climates, although they go best where summer humidity is low and the winters are not too severe (they can be damaged by heavy frost), this is one of the easiest and most rewarding of the Kangaroo Paws. They can be grown indoors or in pots and make a charming patio display. These plants are popular with all nectar seeking birds and the blooms make an intersting long living cut flower. Plant in the autumn to spring spring. They do not like organic fertilisers which promote crown rot, but do appreciate a light mulch.

Sowing: Sow seed in autumn to spring and cover it thinly with crushed rock. Germination takes about three weeks and seedlings should be transplanted into small pots of native potting mix when only a few days old. Plant them out in the garden when about 10 cm high or grow them on in pots.

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