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Puya Alpestris, Sapphire Tower Seeds!Intensive Blue 10 Seeds

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Puya Alpestris, Sapphire Tower Seeds!Intensive Blue 10 Seeds

Puya Alpestris, Sapphire Tower Seeds!Intensive Blue 10 Seeds Click image to enlarge
Description Puya Alpestris - 4 Fresh Seeds - Rare, Exotic,Real Stunner

Sapphire tower is an amazing plant that will make people stop by your garden or will brighten up your living room. Intensive blue colour is difficult to describe. The large clumping rosettes of spiky grass-like foliage are handsome in their own right, and look good year round in a xeriscape garden. Then comes a 5 foot tall flower spike that explodes with metallic blue blossoms.

Generally during the period of vegetatational rest it isn't necessary to water our perennial plants, which in many cases lose their aerial part. We suggest watering these plants only from time to time, but we must remember to wet the soil deeply using 2-3 glasses of water every 1-2 weeks. Fertilization :
In the spring let's remember to fertilize our perennial plants, using a slow release granular fertilizer, to add in one solution every 3-4 months. If desired we can also use a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants, to mix with the irrigation water every 20-25 days. Sowing: Surface sow the tiny seeds on moist compost and keep warm. Germination is erratic
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