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Purple Pitcher Plant 5 Seeds,Carnivorous,Eye- Catching

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Purple Pitcher Plant 5 Seeds,Carnivorous,Eye- Catching

Purple Pitcher Plant 5 Fresh Seeds-Make your garden special

One of the most diverse and unique plants are members of the Sarracenia or Pitcher Plant species. The Purple Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia purpurea , is a hardy species with low-lying, jug-shaped leaves. Although relatively primitive in comparison to other Sarracenia species, they are popular among gardeners because they are impressively big, beautifully coloured, and very easy to grow. Sarracenia purpurea is a fairly robust plant with pitchers up to about 6 inches or so in length. Young leaves grow upwards, but as they open and then become filled with rainwater they fall backwards onto the ground. Mature plants have a spread of about 12 inches. There is considerable variation in colour, but most leaves are green when young, turning red when exposed to good, strong light.
The idea of a carnivorous plant may surprise some people, but those who have experienced the beauty of purple pitcher plants have grown accustomed to the idea. With a stunning red-purple colour, these plants brighten up any garden . Sweet nectar in the cone of the plant attracts insects, which are then trapped in the cone by a number of small hairs that prevent the insect from escaping. The plant then absorbs its nutrients from these dead insects. Keeping a purple pitcher plant in your garden can limit the number of insects as well as add a beautiful swath of colour
Seed will need to be scattered onto damp soil and then kept cold for 4-6 weeks (placing the pot in a fridge works fine). Make sure the soil stays damp but not waterlogged, if the pot is covered, make sure it isn't covered so tightly air cannot get in. Stretching some transparent plastic film over the spot and using a pin to make a few air holes does the trick nicely. The seed tray then needs to be put somewhere warm and with luck the seeds will germinate.
It is important that the soil is kept wet throughout the growing season. In autumn it can be allowed to dry out a bit as the plant dies back, and when frosty, icy or snowy the Pitcher shouldn't be watered at all
Purple Pitcher Plants enjoy direct sunlight, and will not do as well in shady areas or north-facing windowsills. Hot summers will not cause problems provided the soil stays wet

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