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Passiflora Coccinea Seeds, Red Passion Flower - Scarlet Red, Impressive Flowers

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Passiflora Coccinea Seeds, Red Passion Flower - Scarlet Red, Impressive Flowers

5 seeds
Passiflora coccinea , commonly called red passion flower or red granadilla, is a tropical, tendril-climbing, evergreen vine from South America that typically grows to 10-12' and to 3-5' wide and produces extremely showy scarlet red to deep red passion flowers (each to 3-4" wide). Flowers are followed by orange to yellow, edible passion fruit (to 2-3" long) known as red granadilla. Smooth, red to purple stems are clad with single, doubly serrate, oblong, medium green leaves (to 5" long). Hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to the flowers.
Best flowering in full sun, but tolerates light shade. This flowering vine appreciates high humidity, but needs good air circulation to discourage fungal diseases. Water evenly and consistently during the growing season. Vines produce flowers on new growth, so they may be pruned as needed early in the growing season. Bring vines indoors before first fall frost date. Reduce watering from fall to late winter.
Passiflora coccinea seeds will usually germinate in 30-365 days, even under good conditions germination may be erratic.
Sow Passiflora coccinea seeds about 6mm deep in a Peaty seed sowing mix at about 20-30°C.
Soak Passiflora coccinea seeds in warm water, which should be changed daily. Most seeds swell up when they are soaked, those that do should be sown immediately. Seeds that don't swell can be gently scarified.
Give the seed container an occasional soaking.

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