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'Orach 'Red' Mountain Spinach 20 Seeds,Atriplex hortensis

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'Orach 'Red' Mountain Spinach 20 Seeds,Atriplex hortensis

'Orach 'Red' Mountain Spinach 20 Seeds,Atriplex hortensis Click image to enlarge
Description Known as Mountain Spinach, Orach is a heat and cold tolerant green for all seasons, supplying large quantities of mild heart-shaped leaves with a pleasant flavour and texture.
It grows quickly early in the year and holds its flavour well through summer heat, even as the plants mature. Some salad mix growers are finding it to be an indispensable item in their market mix.
The flavour has a nice citrus touch which are great for salads. The young leaves can be eaten raw in a salad while older leaves can be cooked and are a great alternative to spinach.
It is not a modern novelty but an ancient crop, botanically Atriplex hortensis.
Sowings from April to September will give young and tender leaves right through the summer and into autumn. Orach can also be sown from October to December with protection or at home for you healthy leaves supply on your windowsill Pictures sell!
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