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Night Jasmine (Nyctanthes) 5 Seeds- Sweet Fragrance

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Night Jasmine (Nyctanthes) 5 Seeds- Sweet Fragrance

Night Blooming Jasmine 5 Seeds

The night blooming jasmine fills the air with the sweetest fragrance of any plant. This is a shrub like plant that has deep green leaves that are smooth. The plant sprawls as it grows and can form a mound as large as twelve feet, though most are no more than four feet in diameter. The plant's stems are similar to vines, with larger leaves, usually measuring between four and eight inches in length. Most will recognize the scent of the flowers, as it is sweet and strong. Cultivating the Night Blooming Jasmine starts with providing a light, loose, sandy soil for it. The plant is not overly difficult to maintain, though it is not salt tolerant.
There is little to provide for the plant outside of quality soil, as it will easily adapt to the surroundings.
It can work well as a background plant, too. The plant is attractive and it does not overtake the area. Those looking for an attractive plant for butterfly gardens, this form of jasmine works well. Prepare planting pots by filling pots with new potting soil. Use new potting soil because older or used potting soil can contain pathogens that can attack the roots of the newly sprouted seeds. Soak potting soil with water and allow it to completely drain so the potting soil is damp but not wet. Press the dry seeds into the top of the damp potting soil. The germination rate is high for night blooming jasmine seeds, so don't plant seeds too close together. You don't want to damage the young plants if you need to separate them. Don't cover the seeds with soil as night blooming jasmine seeds need light to germinate. Place the pot in a bright area, but not direct sun, with constant temperatures in the 75 to 85 degrees F range. Keep moist by misting the top of the soil with a water mister. Sprouts should appear in 6 weeks

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