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Mock Orange Jasmine 10 Seeds (Philadelphus lewisii) Large,Fragrant White Flowers

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Mock Orange Jasmine (Philadelphus lewisii) Large,Fragrant White Flowers

10 Seeds
Big, Fragrant White Flowers
It blooms on two-year-old or older stems, & does so quite extravagantly in June & early July, white four-petalled blossoms with yellow interior. The blooms are extremely fragrant, with an appearance & perfume that explains why it's called "Mock Orange." It demands no great care to flourish, not even needing to be watered; normal rainfall meets its needs.

Height: Up to 10 feet (3 meters).
Growth Form: Shrub.
Stems: Brown bark, checking and eventually flaking off.
Leaves: Opposite arrangement; oval to egg-shaped with 3 major veins stemming from leaf base, margins essentially smooth but with some young leaves being toothed; size: 3-5 cm (1-2 in) long; color: green.
Flowers: 4 petals; numerous stamens; 3-15 in clusters at the end of lateral branches; size: 2-3 across.
Flowering Period: May, June, July.
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