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Mina Lobata 10 Seeds, Fire Vine - Incredibly Showy

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Mina Lobata 10 Seeds, Fire Vine - Incredibly Showy

10 Fresh Seeds

Plants that linger into the second half of October are a bonus to the gardener and the foraging bee in search of a late feast. Spanish Flag is a warm combination of flame-crimson, cream and yellow. It carries its flowers on dark, wiry stems that branch out at a sharp angle from the main stem. It seems to tremble, even on the stillest day, and is always full of flower. All the flowers are on one side of the stem, rather like a flag. Vine Mina Lobata is incredibly showy, and it deserves to be the focal point of your flower garden.Start Mina Lobata seeds for this impressive vine that will attract lots of attention.

Growing Mina Lobata seed is very rewarding! Soak the seed overnight in warm water or nick the flower seed with a knife to break the outer coat of the seed. For the earliest blooms, start the flower seed indoors. Cover the Spanish Flag plant seeds with 1/4 inch of soil and keep moist. Transplant Mina Lobata seedlings outside after frost danger has passed. Firecracker Vine seeds can also be started directly outdoors in a prepared seed bed once temperatures have warmed in the spring.
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