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Mimosa Pudica, Sensitive Plant 35 Seeds- Fun for Kids!

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Mimosa Pudica, Sensitive Plant 35 Seeds- Fun for Kids!

Mimosa Pudica 35 Viable Seeds- Sensitive Plant
The 'sensitive plant', Mimosa also known as 'humble plant', or 'touch-me-not', is a source of fascination to adults and children alike and it is an easy to grow plant.
Lax arching stems with small thorns (briers) and very sensitive leaves that fold when touched, are graced by attractive pink puff-ball like flowers during the summer, attracting beneficial insects to your garden. Run your hand over the plant and the leaves will fold up and the leaf stalk will drop as if on a hinge. The movements are quickest with young plants in bright sunshine. They return to their normal condition in a few minutes.

Soak the seed in hot water before sowing (2-3 hours). Sow on the surface of good well drained seed compost. Germination usually takes 21-30 days. Grow sensitive plant in full or partial sun in any well-draining soil. Tolerant of nutrient poor (rocky, lean) soils, it should be moist in the growing season and allowed to be slightly drier in the winter. If grown as an annual, it easily adapts and prospers in typical garden conditions as long as there is no frost and soil is never soggy. Grow it as a container, hanging basket or accent plant in a mixed border. Position it so that people can delight and witness in the reaction of the leaves to a touch.

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