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Melocactus Mixed Varieties 20 Seeds, Cactus seeds

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Melocactus Mixed Varieties 20 Seeds, Cactus seeds

Melocactus Mixed Varieties 20 Seeds, Cactus seeds Click image to enlarge
Description The genus Melocactus includes around 40 cacti from Mexico, the West Indies, and northern South America. Many of these species are endangered, and plants in cultivation are almost always grown from seeds. Melocactus is as round as a ball with many strong, thorny ribs. When they are mature, the body stops growing and produces a crown on its apex named cephalium. This densely spined area is where the flowers and fruit will be produced. The cephalium can keep on growing for many years, and in some species can exceed the height of the body itself. Melocactus grows from April to October. The Melocactus flowers are generally a shade of pink or red. They come in abondance from spring to fall depending on the species. They are followed by fleshy fruit. Hardiness zone 11, (4°C/40°F). Melocactus need a minimum temperature of 60º F. Melocactus rests from October to April. During this time water sparingly. Keep the soil on the dry side, but make sure the roots never dry out.If you are lover of the succulents&cacti check our aeonium, cotyledon, echeveria,lithops,melocactus,notocactus mixes Get images that
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