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Living Stones Red, Lithops 10 Seeds, succulent seeds

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Living Stones Red, Lithops 10 Seeds, succulent seeds

Living Stones Red, Lithops 10 Seeds, succulent seeds Click image to enlarge
Description An exciting coloured variety. Lithops are known for their extreme efficiency at storing water and absorbing light. They are essentially composed of two modified leaves. These leaves come in an array of awe-inspiring patterns, making them quite collectable among rare succulent collectors. A split between the leaves contains the meristem (growing point). It is from this point that these plants will bloom delicate flowers and form new leaves. Usually, as new leaves form the old ones will dry out and their nutrients will be used up. These seeds are VERY VERY small, each pack of seed so if you are uncomfortable working with VERY VERY small seeds please do NOT purchase this product. Lithops prefer a coarse, sandy soil. They should be sown like cactus seeds. Flatten out the soil and then put a thin layer of loose soil above it. Sow the seeds on the surface and press in very lightly. They need light to germinate. Mist the soil to keep it moist and cover with clear plastic. Maintain a temperature of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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