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Joy Perfume Tree'Michelia Champaca'- 5 Viable Seeds

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Joy Perfume Tree'Michelia Champaca'- 5 Viable Seeds

J oy Perfume Tree- Most exclusive fragrant flowering tree! 5 Fresh Seeds

The Michalia Champaca is the most exclusive fragrant flowering tree we know of on the planet.it is the oil of the michalia that is the essence of "Joy" by Jean Patou and J'adore, by Christian Dior. The world's most expensive perfume. Michaelia champaca is a tropical evergreen native to Indonesia and India. The aromatic orange blooms appear nearly all year round. It grows to the size of a large shrub or small tree, 15′ + in height with large beautiful glossy green leaves. It has no pests and is evergreen. Planting a Michelia tree either indoors as bonsai or in your backyard really makes your home a sweet home. Also you could take the flower, home made natural perfume, into car, office, rest room, and anywhere you want fragrant atmosphere.
Soak the seeds in several changes of water to remove germination inhibitors. They need light to germinate. Plant them almost on the surface of moist, well-draining soil and keep them warm. They'll germinate in a about 2-4 months. Fresh seeds germination rate is 40-50 %
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