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Japanese Larch 10 Seeds - Beautiful Tree, Interesting Habit of Growth

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Japanese Larch 10 Seeds - Beautiful Tree, Interesting Habit of Growth

Japanese Larch - 10 seeds
This tree is real specimen that can have unique weeping habit when pruned properly or grow straight up.
This unique specie is the only one of the conifer to actually loose it's needle in autumn. It is beautiful to see the growing pattern of the needles.
Fissured and scaly bark bark is tinted rust-brown in winter. Purplish red winter shoots are covered in a waxy bloom. Gray-green or bluish green leaves grow to 1.5 inches long. Great vigour and disease resistance, this tree differs from European Larch in having slightly longer blue-green needles and a purple tinge to the twigs.It has a really vibrant autumn colour that lasts for a few weeks, as the needles take some time to fall. It looks really bright in spring, when the needles are grass green and the branches are studded with small, creamy young cones and male flowers. In areas where canker is a problem for the European Larch, this disease resistant tree is usually planted instead.
Seed - sow in pots in a cold frame. One months cold stratification helps germination. It is best to give the seedlings light shade for the first year. As soon as they are large enough to handle, prick out the seedlings into individual pots. Although only a few centimetres tall, they can be planted out into their permanent positions in the summer providing you give them an effective weed-excluding mulch and preferably some winter protection for their first year. Otherwise grow them on in the cold frame for their first winter and plant them out in early summer of the following year.

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