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Japanese Black Pine-10 Fresh Seeds,Excellent for Bonsai

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Japanese Black Pine-10 Fresh Seeds,Excellent for Bonsai

When looking for the perfect tree to train for bonsai , the Japanese Black Pine should land on the top of the list. This strong tree responds quite well to a number of techniques while providing excellent growth characteristics. Because of the Japanese Black Pine being so hardy and versatile, it makes a great choice for beginner or advanced bonsai enthusiasts.
General Information: An excellent, small, irregularly-shaped Pine, the size and shape of Japanese Black Pine is variable reaching a height of 25 feet and a spread of 20 to 35 feet. The exceptionally dark green, five to seven-inch-long twisted needles are borne in groups of two. Although trees may or may not have a central leader prune to develop one if the tree will be grown to a large size. Branches are held horizontally in a picturesque silhouette and sometimes can outgrow the central leader forming an attractive multistemmed specimen tree. Black pine is a native of Japan. It prefers but does not insist on colder climates; needs special care if grown in the warmer regions. It has rough bark and dark needles.
Family: Pinaceae Lighting: They require full sun and good air circulation. Turn the tree from time to time so that light reaches all parts of the foliage. Temperature: Zone 6 through 8. The black pine does not like extreme heat, especially in the area of its roots. Spray the foliage with water daily during the summer. Watering: May be allowed to go dry between waterings. Needs good drainage. Feeding: Fertilize with an acid based fertilizer.

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