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Hardy,Fragrant Passion Flower Blue- 10 seeds

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Hardy,Fragrant Passion Flower Blue- 10 seeds

Of all the flowering vines, Passion Flower bear some of the showiest blooms on earth. An easily grown plant, these look absolutely stunning in the garden or inside as a year-round houseplant. The blooms of Blue Passion Flower are multi-colored, with a mint scent much like the fruit of the pineapple guava. To most people the word passion flower ( passiflora ) conjures up pictures of exotic locations and peoples, and of fruit with mysterious and aphrodisiac qualities. This is not far from the truth. The vines that produce the passion flower are beautifully intricate and richly colourful plants. Astonishingly beautiful flowers, ease of culture in part shade and hardiness make Passiflora caerulea one of the best vines. Almost everyone can grow this vigorous and fragrant old-fashioned butterfly magnet. Blooming from summer through fall, it flowers like crazy. The exotic-looking, dramatically beautiful complex blossoms each features a prominent crown of blue filaments and white petals arranged in a shallow bowl shape. In the center is the fleshy maroon stigma surrounded by the five lime-green stamens. Shiny plamate leaves.

This variety is extremely fast growing, and may grow up to 30' a season. It is also one of the hardiest passion flowers. It will regrow from roots the following year. In warmer climates, the vine will grow and bloom throughout the year. In colder zones, these are best grown outside in containers and overwintered inside or grown as a year-round houseplant. Inside plants bloom intermittently throughout the winter months.
They begin blooming in July and continue until frost. The vines can easily grow up to 15 feet in a season. Grow it on a fence or trellis, or simply allow it to scramble over your shrubs and trees. They need partial to full sun, and will adapt themselves to most well-drained soils.
During the growing season, the soil should be kept evenly moist, to ensure good flowering and growth. It is probably a good idea to keep the young plants indoors until the following Spring, and then plant them outdoors in their permanent homes.
Passion flowers make excellent container grown plants in the home. Grow them in bright light, never full sun.
The fruit produced by this plant is an oval berry, a little smaller than a kiwi fruit
Passion fruit is edible, but it is pretty seedy.
Soak seed in warm water for 24 hours before sowing, in a good seed compost at 1/4" deep. For Passiflora seeds, instead of using water you can use a high pulp fruit juice such as passion fruit juice or orange juice. The acid in these juices will soften the shell and speed up germination. Keep damp soil, not soaking wet. Keep pot in warm situation 20°C/68°F, 24°C/75°F. Cover the top of the pot with clear plastic so the humidity will remain high. When you see some tiny plants starting to sprout, slowly open the top of the pot, a little each day, so that the new seedlings don't go into shock from the humidity being lowered too quickly. Germination of Passiflora can occur in weeks or take several months. If you want to speed up germination, you can use the bottom heat technique, but it isn't a must.

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