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Gymea / Giant Lily 5 Seeds - Touch of Exotic/Huge flowers

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Gymea / Giant Lily 5 Seeds - Touch of Exotic/Huge flowers

Gymea - 5 Fresh Seeds - Giant Lily

Looking for a touch of the unusual and exotic - you certainly can't miss the Gymea lily. Gymea lilies are spectacular Australian native plants with large, compact heads of nectar filled red flowers atop tall, thick stems. A perennial lily with rosettes of large sword-shaped, light green leaves over 1m (3') long . In spring and summer, deep blood-red flowers appear on the end of tall stems or scapes up to 6m (20') tall. Flowers are followed by woody capsules which split open when ripe, releasing flat, slightly winged seeds. There can be as many as 150 flowers on a single inflorescence. Each plant usually only produces one to two inflorescences in one season and individual inflorescences can take up to two years to mature.
Gymea lilies need well-drained soil and a position in full sun to filtered shade. Plants can be grown from seed, and established clumps can be divided. Frost hardy to - 5/ -7 degree

Sowing: If growing Gymea lily outdoors then fresh seeds should be sown on the soil surface. They prefer to grow in a sunny area of the garden that has good drainage and a soil rich in humus. If you want to first grow seedlings inside then seed should be soaked in luke warm water for about 4 hours, and germinated in light at about 20 degrees centigrade. The seeds should then be supported by the use of a gravel.
The seedlings should then be planted individually outside

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