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Ground Cover Seeds Collection- 10 pkts,1000's of seeds. Transform bare areas!

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Red Torch Mexican Sunflower 10 Seeds Tithonia Torch

Red Torch Mexican Sunflower 10 Seeds Tithonia Torch Click images to enlarge
Description An amazing collection of low-growing, vigorous ground cover plants that will give your garden year-round interest. These plants have a spreading habit and will soon create carpets of colour in your garden borders.
Ground covers provide colorful flowers, visually-pleasing textures, and vital habitat for pollinators. These low-maintenance plants are ideal for rock gardens, dry sunny banks, wall crevices or the front of borders to add sparkle to your garden. Once your ground cover is established, mowing, watering, and weeding chores will become much more manageable. You will receive 10 packets of seeds.
Creeping Thyme 500 seeds
Aubrieta 120 seeds
Sedum Mixed Varities 400 seeds
Campanula Carpatica Blue 200 seeds
Alyssum 200 seeds
Dianthus 50 seeds
Cerastium Tomantosum 250 seeds
Moss Rose- Portulaca 200 seeds
Lobelia Mixed colours1000 seeds
Saxifraga Purple Robe 200 seeds

You will receive enough seeds to fill the bare areas in your garden or to sow them in front of your garden border/bed

Most of the ground cover seeds are small so it is advised to mix them with fine.dry sand before sowing.
Sow seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before setting out or straigh outside in spring/summer/autumn.
If you start them indoors use small pots or tray. Sow seeds lightly on the surface of the starter mix, and press them into the mix. Ground cover seeds needs light to germinate. Keep the seeds moist until germination.

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