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Dwarf Pink Banana 5 Seeds, Musa Velutina

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Dwarf Pink Banana 5 Seeds, Musa Velutina

Dwarf Pink Banana 5 Seeds, Musa Velutina Click image to enlarge
Description Dwarf pink bananas are highly ornamental as both landscape and indoor plants. They boast classically shaped banana leaves up to 3 feet long in a deep shade of green with bronze undersides. The flowers of dwarf pink bananas are show-stoppers, with pink to purplish flower bracts framing white to yellow flower clusters all rising from the center of the plant on stalks in late summer.
Although sometimes listed as being inedible, the fruit of the dwarf pink banana is, in fact, delicious but extremely seedy
Unlike most bananas, dwarf pink bananas are small plants that rarely reach more than 8 feet tall, depending on growing conditions. These small bananas can easily be grown in containers on the patio, large pots indoors or used to line walkways without fear of them overgrowing their beds. They will die back to the ground when exposed to frost, but reliably and quickly return in the spring.
Although they will not tolerate drought, bananas tend to be forgiving about soil type and lighting. Even so, they do their best in rich, neutral, well-draining soil. Fertilize with a general-purpose fertilizer in the spring, before new growth begins.
Soak the feeds for 48 hours. Place one banana seed into each pot, about 3/8 inch below the surface of the soil. Keep the soil wet and place the pot in warm any sunny place Images sell!
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