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Dichondra Repens 600 Seeds - No Mow Lawn -Soft, Intensive Green, Fill Spaces

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Dichondra is an attractive and useful ground cover or lawn substitute, which will grow readily in most climates. It doesn't need to be mowed, is soft and squishy to play on, can be walked on, and fills awkward spaces. Dichondra looks something like dense clover, only greener and softer. It spreads by underground runners but doesn't get carried away. It just fills in where it's needed and looks good.It provides a vigorous ground hugging, tight cover. Grows to 15cm high in shade. Preferred aspect is full sun to 80% shade. Attractive between pavers and is useful for shaded areas, steep banks and other inaccessible positions. Plant 25-30cm apart or closer for faster cover.

Grows 10cm high x 50cm wide. For the best results, the grass seed should be sown during the Spring and Summer months, on well prepared soil, with approximately 10/15 grms. of seed per sq meter. Once sown, keep the soil damp until germination is complete then reduce the watering (twice per week, then reduce again, since dichondra lives well in dry and poor soils).
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