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Cordyline Fruticosa, Palm Lily 5 Seeds - Eye Catching

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Cordyline Fruticosa, Palm Lily 5 Seeds - Eye Catching

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Cordyline fruticosa popularly known as the Ti plant and also known as the good luck plant, cabbage palm, and palm lily. Most Cordyline fructicosa plants exhibit upright growth in shrub form with their unbranched trunk.
Grows up to 2.4 metres tall with various coloured leaves, up to 60cm long. The leaves are commonly a reddish-purple colour but they can have green, yellow or orange stripes or markings. The leaves originate in tufts at the top of the woody stems in mature plants, and more or less along the stems in younger house plants.

Mature plants produce yellowish or reddish flowers that are sweetly scented, less than a 1.25cm across, and clustered in conspicuous 30cm long panicles.

Produces clusters or round red berries.

It does well in partial shade to nearly full sun. It needs more water if grown in full sun. Indoors, it likes a bright position, but out of direct sunlight. Although it will survive in quite low light, the foliage will never develop its full potential colours.
In addition to being a magnificent ornamental plant, Cordyline fruticosa has parts that are known for their staple value. The rhizomes, for instance, are high in starch. Most feng shui experts believe that Cordyline fruticosa bring good luck to its owner. Indoors, Cordyline fruticosa is known as the smaller foliage houseplant. Outdoors, the plant can be used as a specimen shrub.
Soiwng: Plant immediately in clean seedling mix of 2/3 washed river sand and 1/3 peat moss or organic matter. Seed germinates readily within 4 weeks (some will continue to germinate over a longer period).

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