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Cordyline australis, Cornish Palm 10 Fresh Seeds

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Cordyline australis, Cornish Palm 10 Fresh Seeds

Cordyline Australis, Cornish Palm - 10 Viable Seeds
Tropical feel in your garden
Cordylines are wonderful plants that can decorate the exterior or the interior of your home. They have long, strap leaves or sword-shaped leaves that grow from a single head. As plants age, they will form tree-like trunks with multiple heads and branch in a sculptural form. These plants can create a desert or even tropical feel in the garden.
These are evergreen plants that are quite hardy, require very little maintenance and grow quite quickly once established. These palms need extra watering in very dry conditions, and are hardy for winter.
Pre-soak seeds for about an hour in warm boiled water The seed usually germinates in 1 - 3 months at 25°c. Pot up in tall pots to promote a deep root structure.
Planting positionAnywhere in full sun to partial shade, in well drained soil. Do not let them dry out, though, especially when in a pot. Line an unglazed terracotta pot with a plastic bag (with a hole in the bottom) to prevent it drying out too quickly. Keep a young plant out of the wind, which can shred the leaves; older plants will tolerate a beating by salt laden sou'westerlies surprisingly well. The lower leaves will drop annually, with just 2 or 3 years leaves retained at the top to produce the crown. Cut brown leaves off close to the stem, do not tear them off as this may damage the trunk.
FloweringCordylines can flower as early as 3 years after sowing, on a well-grown plant, but usually the first flowers develop after 5-7 years. The magnificent sprays of small scented flowers develop in May and June. The plant will then usually fork and grow several trunks from this point, each of these flowering each spring to fill the garden with a heady scent on still days. (Variegated varieties do not usually flower and only grow as a single stem)
The flower spikes should be cut down immediately after flowering as otherwise the seedlings will be popping up all over your garden. If you retain the heads on the plants to allow seeds to mature, cut off the stalks after collection as the stiff brown spikes can spoil the symmetry of the plant.

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