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Common Caper 10 Seeds - Shrub/Profusion of Flowers/Scented

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Common Caper 10 Seeds - Shrub/Profusion of Flowers/Scented

Common Caper - 10 Fresh Seeds
Capparis spinosa, or caper bush is an useful and beautiful plant in the Caper Family, the Capparidaceae, which also includes Cleome and our native California bladderpod, Isomeris arboreus . The caper bush is a native Mediterranean plant with a natural distribution from coastal regions of the entire Mediterranean Sea basin west to the Canary Islands and Morocco. It is thought however that its ancient habitat was the dry areas of Western or Central Asia. One reason for this speculation is the word "caper" itself which comes from the Greek kápparis, whose origin is probably the Near or Middle East
The caper bush grows as a low mounding shrub to 2-3 ft tall with arching red stems and dark green, semi-succulent round leaves. From May until September plants bear a profusion of flower buds, which are the edible capers of commerce. Left unpicked these buds form delicately scented pinkish-white flowers, adorned with long lavender stamens, that open at dawn and close late in the afternoon As an ornamental plant caper bushes can be an attractive loose groundcover, a specimen small shrub or can be used as an espalier, which presents the flower buds well for picking. The caper bush is salt-tolerant and will flourish along shores within sea-spray zones. As flowers are born on first-year branches, one can cut back plants back annually without sacrificing flowering and have a healthier and bushier plant Sowing: Refrigerate seeds for 6 weeks. Sow immediately using quality mix. Germination in 2 weeks up to 3 months. Please note that Caper seeds are not easy to germinate and require patience. Combined shipping when you buy more seeds.
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