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Chinese Juniper- Excellent for Bonsai 10 Viable Seeds

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Chinese Juniper- Excellent for Bonsai 10 Viable Seeds

Chinese Juniper- Excellent for Bonsai 10 Viable Seeds Click image to enlarge

Chinese Juiper - 10 Seeds

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The Juniper is the go-to Bonsai tree - a definite must have particularly for the beginner. I've heard that some people look down on this species- but seriously Juniper Bonsai trees, with their naturally low and spreading habit are natural for many different bonsai styles.

Junipers like lots of sun and they also like to dry out a little between waterings, but don't let the soil dry out completely. Spray the foliage during the growing season. Avoid fertilizing Juniper in the hottest part of the growing season.
Juniper is naturally hardy in zones 6-8. The foliage has a fine texture and to develop the foliage for your bonsai Juniper you should pinch out the tender new shoots ( all through the growing season) using your fingers. Needles cut by scissors will turn brown.
Wiring is best done in autumn or early winter. The newly wired branches will become used to the new shape while the Juniper tree is dormant over the winter. Watch wire carefully - particularly during the growing season for signs that its cutting into the bark. If that happens - remove the wire.
Ideally, repot in the spring - young trees as often as annually, but older trees only every 3-4 years. You can prune the roots when you repot, but don't take more than one third of the roots - some peeple would say one quarter.
Regardless of the hardiness of your Juniper Bonsai tree in its full form, you must protect the tree - specifically the roots during the winter. Depending on where you live, how cold it's going to get and what kind of snow cover you receive you might be able to leave it outside in a sheltered spot - maybe with a covering of leaves. In colder areas - bury the root zone and add some protective covering or even bring it into an unheated garage. Even during the winter if you can, be sure to water - lightly and infrequently, but still don't let it dry out completely.

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