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Chili Hot Chiltepin 10 seeds, Bird Pepper

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Chili Hot Chiltepin 10 seeds, Bird Pepper

Chili Hot Chiltepin 10 seeds, Bird Pepper Click image to enlarge
Description Its tiny size along with its intense (but short-lived) heat has made it a unique favorite among today's hot pepper lovers. For such a small size, they pack a pretty big punch. So be careful if you ever get the chance to pop a few of these peppers in your mouth. Chiltepin ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 Scoville heat units But the heat of a chiltepin is quite different than most other peppers. They zing you with hotness before calming down quickly. Compare that to a ghost pepper where the heat starts seemingly mild and boils over in intensity over time. It's definitely a different eating experience

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