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Cape Jasmine 10 Seeds -Fragrant,Evergreen,Compact Habit

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Cape Jasmine 10 Seeds -Fragrant,Evergreen,Compact Habit

Cape Jasmine 10 Seeds -Fragrant,Evergreen,Compact Habit Click image to enlarge
Description Cape Jasmine - 10 Fresh Seeds

Gardenia jasminoides or Common Gardenia or Cape Jasmine is an evergreen shrub, which grows to a height of 2 to 6 feet. Spread is about the same. The foliage of well-fed shrubs is glossy, dark-green, 2 to 4 inches long and half as wide. Depending on the cultivar, the flowers can be either single or double and up to 4 inches in diameter. They are waxy, white and very fragrant. Gardenia flowers are highly fragrant. They open over a long period of time, from May through July and make great cut flowers. Cape jasmine fruits are sprouted from the beautiful flowers They are traditionally harvested from September through November when the fruit skin turns reddish orange.

Gardenias prefer acid, moist, well-drained soils. A good time to feed gardenias is mid-March, using an acid plant food, fish emulsion or blood meal. Feed the shrubs again in late June to encourage extra flowers on everbloomers or faster growth of young shrubs. Do not fertilize gardenias in the fall. Doing so will stimulate tender growth. Prune shrubs after they have finished flowering to remove straggly branches and faded flowers. Water gardenias regularly

Sowing: Sow 1/8" deep at 75 degrees F. Keep moist and damp by covering the pot with a plastic sheet. Germination occurs between 21 - 60 days. Gardenias should be planted in well conditioned soil containing peat moss and compost Cultivating around the plants may damage their shallow roots, so the plant should be mulched with 2 to 3 inches of wood chips, sawdust or ground bark to keep the soil moist, cool and weed free. Feed the plants every three weeks during the growing season with a rhododendron-azalea food, or acidifying fertilizer. (Miracid)

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