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Burning Bush 50 Seeds, Kochia tricopphylla-Very Ornamental

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Burning Bush Seeds, Kochia tricopphylla-Very Ornamental

Burning Bush 50 Viable Seeds- Intensive Green & Fiery Red in Autumn
Shrub that is particularly noted for its fiery red fall foliage colour. Burning Bush is ornamental, and over time has become an extremely popular shrub for homes. The deciduous leaves grow to 3 inches long and are borne in opposing pairs along the green, winged stems. The late spring yellowish green flowers are small and borne in rather inconspicuous clusters. They give rise to purplish red capsules that split open to reveal little orange-red seeds that are themselves ornamental, especially if still present after the leaves have fallen. Seeds are attractive to certain birds that eat and distribute them. Greenish-brown stems have distinctive corky ridges ("wings" as used in the common name). Corky-winged stems are more noticeable in winter after leaf drop.
It is used in the landscape for its brilliant fall colour and winter architectural form and texture. This is considered one of the most dependable shrubs for fall colour, even in warm climates. The interesting corky wings along the spreading branches are most visible in winter, and the bush is very showy when the wings catch and hold the snow.
An outstanding background plant for beds and borders or grow them as a fast growing temporary hedge
Sowing :
Scarify: Soak in water for 24 hours
Stratify: Cold 90 days, 40 Degrees F
Germination: Sow 1/4" Deep
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