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Brugmansia Sanguinea 5 Seeds Angel's Trumpet

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Brugmansia Sanguinea 5 Seeds Angel's Trumpet

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The most spectacular flower display .scarlet to orange, 8", tubular "trumpets" with yellow sides are borne in abundance - up to 40 at a time.
Intoxicating Fragrance, Heavy Blossoms- 5 Fresh Seeds There is no sight like that of an Angle's Trumpet heavy with blossoms. The perfume that the flowers release is an extremely sweet, intoxicating scent. These plants will bloom year round if given the proper care. Their leaves are thin, large, and soft. They are evergreen or semi-evergreen. Germination may take up to 6 weeks.Propagating your Angel Trumpet is both easy and rewarding. The seeds from these plants are slow to germinate (Germination may take up to 6 weeks)but they do have a high germination rate and grow fairly quickly. The trick to propagation with seeds is to keep them moist and be patient.Germination:Chill the seeds. Put them in a small jar and put it in the refrigerator for 6 weeks. This simulates cold winter weather and, when you remove them from the refrigerator, the seeds think it is springNick the seed. Rub each seed against an emery board type of nail file or a piece of medium grade sandpaper until it makes a mark on the seed.

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