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Bluebell Creeper Sollya 10 Seeds-Frost Hardy,Charming

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Bluebell Creeper Sollya 10 Seeds-Frost Hardy,Charming

Bluebell Creeper Sollya - 10 Fresh Seeds
Bluebell Creeper. A bushy, twining climber which has ovate to narrowly oblong mid- to deep green leaves. Bell-shaped, blue flowers are borne from early summer to autumn, followed by edible, cylindrical blue berries.
Suited to most climates and soils and growing in either sun or shade Sollya can fill a variety of roles. It is frost hardy to at least -5C and has been grown successfully in warmer areas of the UK. Given the opportunity to climb on a fence or trellis, this dainty, naturally slender creeper will reach a height of about three metres. Spread out the tendrils you have an attractive groundcover that can cascade over logs or down slopes. Left entirely to itself with nothing to climb it will twine around itself to make a metre high shrub or even a hedge.
It is at home indoors, on a balcony, porch or patio, in a hanging basket, pot or container or out in the open.
Sowing: Sowing at 15°C at night and 20°C during the day on a sand-peat mix.
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