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Astrantia Major Rose Symphony 10 Seeds - Splendid Strain

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Astrantia Major Rose Symphony Seeds - Splendid Strain

Astrantia Major ' Rose Symphony'10 Seeds

As the raiser describes this splendid strain, quite simply, "A symphony of red and pink shades" A splendid and most attractive cultivated variety forming bushy plants, good for ground cover, and bearing from June to August long, loosely-branched stems of very lovely flowers in various shades of wine to deep red. Excellent for a humid, sunny or shady position in border or near shrubbery, and excellent for cut flowers. 2½ ft.
Sowing: place the moistened seed in a refrigerator for a certain period of time (usually 3 to 5 weeks at around 4°C / 39°F). With tiny seeds it is best to sow them on moistened compost, seal the container in a polythene bag and leave everything in the refrigerator for the recommended period.
Light also seems to be beneficial so pre-chilled seeds should have only the lightest covering of compost over them, if any is required, and the seed trays etc.
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