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Amur Grape 5 Seeds- Deep Crimson Foliage&Delicious Fruits

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Amur Grape 5 Seeds- Deep Crimson Foliage&Delicious Fruits

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Amur Grape - 5 Seeds

Prized for its large, deeply lobed foliage that turns a beautiful, deep crimson and purple in the fall, Amur Grape also bears nutritious, tart, dark blue grapes
Amur grape isn't an evergreen; during the autumn it assumes a red colouring; the adult species are medium in size and reach 20 m in height. It has a climber development, for a correct development it is best to place these plants near a support on which they can develop themselves. The Amur grape develops like a shrub.
Locate this plant in a partially shady place, where it can receive the sunrays during the coolest hours of the day. The Amur grape plant can be grown in the garden throughout the whole year. It doesn't fear cold weather and it bears very harsh minimum temperatures. To allow these plants to develop as well as possible, it is best to locate them near a wall, a gate or an appropriate grate.
We suggest watering these plants only from time to time, but we must remember to wet the soil deeply using 1-2 buckets of water every 2-3 weeks . We should remember that the climber shrubs are very vigorous, and sometimes need very abundant watering.
Vitis amurensis seeds should be soak in water for 24 hrs. After soaking, pack the seeds with moist sterile material, put the mix in a closable plastic bag and cold stratify them for six weeks. When the stratification time is over, keep them at 20°C. Germination should take about 20-30 days, but sometimes takes another 12 months. Prick out the seedlings into individual pots when they are large enough to handle and grow them on in a cold frame for their first winter.

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