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Chinese Houses Seeds -Charming Purple Flowers

Chinese Houses Seeds -Charming Purple Flowers

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Chinese Houses Seeds -Charming Purple Flowers Search

Chinese Houses - 70 Seeds

It is a flowering plant native to California. It is known as Purple Chinese Houses or Innocence . Like the other species in the genus Collinsia , which also includes the Blue-eyed Marys, it gets its name from its towers of inflorescences, of decreasing diameter, which give the plants in full flower a certain resemblance to a pagoda.
Annual. Lives just one year. Grows quickly, blooms heavily, dies with first frost. It produces lots of seeds so you can collect them, sow and admire this purple every year.
Sowing : Plant spring or fall, and smply scatter seed on loosened soil and then compress the seed into the dirt. Do not cover with soil. Easy to grow.

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